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Goal Conversions : Flip Chart Friday

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Goal Conversions

One Thing Every Company Should Measure

Ever wonder if your website is working in terms of generating new clients?  As a CEO looking at your ROI in terms of your website is something that should be done on a regular basis.  Measuring goal conversions is one of the ways to measure your ROI.

What are Goal Conversions?

A goal conversion is a measurement of conversions that are coming through on many different types of marketing campaigns such as leads coming in and gives valuable data for making decisions, determine what’s working and what’s not working with your digital marketing strategies. It will allow you to determine whether your strategy is giving you the best return for the money you are spending.

Types of Goal Conversions

There are an unlimited number of goal conversions that can be measured but some of the most common are:

* Form submissions (coupons, contact page for email)

* Phone calls (check out our video on using CallRail  at XXXX)

* Results of PPC (pay per click)

* Where conversions are coming from (organic queries vs. PPC vs. social media

  1. other sources)

How do you measure your goal conversations?

The best way to measure your goal conversions is by using Google Analytics. Your website likely already has Google Analytics on it and you can search Google for several videos on how to customize it and get reports.  If you’d like help, contact us at [email protected]m and we will do a free evaluation of what you have and help you set it up to track and report on your goal conversions.  If you are working with a digital marketing company ask them if Google Analytics is running on your website and for the Goal Conversion reports to be shared with you.

Once you have your reports, you’ll want to review and compare your conversion rations month to month, or by seasonal or yearly.  By looking at the increases in your conversion you can easily determine whether the money you are spending on your digital marketing strategy is producing an appropriate ROI.  


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